<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/18/67/67/171206034051.jpg?t=1537277060"><br>The Intracoastal at Geist is a distinctive community located on the Northeast side of Geist Reservoir. This water-access home adds a marina ambiance and provides water recreation to your doorstep. The uniqueness of this stunning community is apparent throughout with the abundant trees, rolling topography, cul-de-sacs, walking trails and 9-acre nature preserve. A community pool, bath house, walking path to Geist Park, and award-winning Hamilton Southeastern School system makes Intracoastal a family-friendly community. The easy commute to downtown together with the beautiful setting, and the fact that Intracoastal is one of the last water-access locations in the area, make 14809 Latitude Way a one-of-a-kind investment.<br>